St. Mark’s Youth hosts Sayfo Anniversary Event

17 Jun


In remembrance of the 101st Anniversary of the Syriac Genocide – SAYFO, the Youth of St. Mark’s Cathedral organized a pre-screening of Our Last Stand.

The independent documentary which features Helma Adde, a member of our own community, who traveled to Iraq and Syria during the summer of 2015 to visit Christian communities, primarily the internally displaced Syriac, Assyrian and Chaldean populations in Erbil and greater Nineveh Plains, as well as villages in Syrian Jazeera.

After the screening Ms. Adde, Jordan Allott, Producer of the film and Senior Adviser for In Defense of Christians, Steve Oshana, Executive Director of A Demand for Action who supported the Our Last Stand project, spoke about the current situation in Iraq and Syria, answering questions in regards to next steps.

His Eminence thanked Helma and all those who worked on this project. His Eminence also spoke about the great work our Syriac Orthodox Church is doing to provide relief to displaced people from our community and others.

Clergy, youth and faithful from local parishes were in attendances. His Eminence closed the program with a prayer asking the Good Lord to protect and provide those who are in need in our homeland and all the attendees sang Our Lord’s Prayer ‘Aboun dbashmayo’ in Syriac.

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