Monastic Life in the Syrian Orthodox Church

16 Aug

1: Patriarchal Journal vol. 87-89 – September-November 1990 2: Patriarchal Journal vol. 156 – June 1996. 1. Introduction We call the monastic life a philosophy of Christian law and character. It is a way of abandoning worldly life. It is filled … Read More »

Concept of Jurisdiction and Authority

18 Jul

Article by His Grace Mor Gregorios Johanna Ibrahim Metropolitan of Aleppo and Environs The Rev. Fr. Monk Melki assisted with this translation. Nobody in the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch (S.O.C.A.) has treated, in a separate study, the subject of … Read More »

The Syrian Church in North America

12 May

The presence of Syrian Orthodox faithful in America dates back to the late Nineteenth Century, when religious persecution forced immigration from Ottoman Turkey to the United States and Canada. Often locating according to their trade skills, Syrian Orthodox faithful from … Read More »

A Short Overview of the Common History

5 Mar

Patriarchal Journal Vol. 33 – June 1995 – No. 146, pp. 322-344. Maren Tyedmers Hange assisted with this translation. Introduction as we approach this important issue, it is necessary to give a brief overview of the political and religious conditions … Read More »