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A Suryoyo Achiever in Rhode Island

On March 13, 2011, the Rhode Island State Elks Association held an Americanism Essay Recognition Dinner and Award Program for students who scored highly in their schools on “Americanism Essays” contest. One of our parishioners in St. Ephraim’s Church in Central Falls, Rhode Island won the first place in the 5th grade competition. His name is Alexander Khabbaz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bassam Khabbaz, and grandson of Shamosho Augin Monofar, our beloved deacon, who served many years on the altar of our Church there. Alexander serves the altar of St. Ephraim’s Church. He was elevated to the rank of Reader (Qoruyo) on the same day of this recognition.

We congratulate Alexander and his family on his great achievement, and we are proud to have him counted among our successful Suryoyo youth in our community. His Eminence sent him a personal congratulatory letter, as he vehemently encourages our youth to be successful members in their churches and society, and he expects our people to notify him always with good news.

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