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His Emininence Archbishop Cyril Aphrem Karim Publishes A Children's Pictorial Book In The Tree House!

This is a joyful story celebrating the determination of a boy as he grows into manhood.

The story begins one beautiful Sunday morning with seven-year-old Matthew. While attending church with his family, Matthew hears a calling to the priesthood. Later in the day, Matthew invites his sister Sarah and best friend John to “play church” with him in his tree house. A wondrous transformation takes place.

In The Tree House follows Matthew from childhood to early adulthood. He comes alive to us as we learn about his good deeds and evolving relationship with God. As Matthew follows his dream, he receives ongoing support and compassion from his family, friends and the clergy.

In The Tree House is a story about love – among family, between friends, and of God. This gentle story explores the joy of listening to your calling, loving your neighbor, and welcoming God.

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