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Introduction to Syriac at Rutgers University

The Archdiocese of the Eastern United States is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a new course in Syriac language at Rutgers University.

Course Name: Introduction to Syriac
Course Number: 01:013:411
Credits: 3
Spring 2013
Taught by Dr. George A. Kiraz
Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:15-3:35PM in Hickman Hall – 218, Cook/Douglas Campus

What is Syriac & Why Study It?

It is a dialect of Aramaic: an ancient language for much of the Middle East.
A semitic language similar to Arabic and Hebrew…but with a much easier grammer!
It was the language through which the Greek sciences were passed to the Arab and Islamic world.
You’ll be among the first to study this rich, exciting language at Rutgers!

For more information on the course or how to register please email the AMESALL Department:

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