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Archbishop Cyril Aphrem Karim Draws Attention To the Vocation of the Priesthood on All Priests Day

On Sunday, March the 3rd, All Priest Day, His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim celebrated the Holy Liturgy at St. Mark’s Cathedral and in a moving sermon, drew attention to the departed clergy who served this Archdiocese and our churches throughout the world saying, “these were not ordinary men.” The Archbishop elaborated on the vocation of the priesthood and said, “We, members the clergy, did not choose this service as a profession for self-serving purposes, fame or glory but rather as a response to a calling from God. The Archbishop continued, “There are great demands made on the clergy and we are only human, so we ask all of you to have patience with us and be understanding of our shortcomings.”

His Eminence turned his attention to the children of the Sunday school who were in attendance and asked them to entertain the vocation if they are inclined and if they have a sincere interest. He also asked the parents to encourage their children if they are truly motivated to serve God and the Holy Church. The Archbishop said “from today’s children will rise the future clerics and hierarchs of the church”.

He conclude saying, “The highest privilege is to join the priesthood and take on this awesome vocation.” He noted that on March the 3rd, sixteen years ago, was when he celebrated for the first time, the Holy Liturgy on the altar of St. Mark’s Cathedral. This drew an arousing round of applause from all the parishioners in attendance.

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