Easter Feast Hymns

10 Apr

After Gospel Hymn Download pdf Hymn qom ga-boro Qurobo Hymn Download pdf Hymn qom bukh-ro Concluding Hymn Download pdf Hymn nham bash-yul

Palm Sunday Hymns

5 Apr

After Gospel Hymn Download pdf Hymn shel yaw-mo-no Qurobo Hymn Download pdf Hymn ‘i-do ra-bo Concluding Hymn Download pdf Hymn naw-dé wnes-ghud  

Felicitations to Our Beloved Patriarch

30 Mar

Our Beloved Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, Congratulations on your third Anniversary of your election as patriarch. We pray the Lord Almighty to grant you health, patience and strength to enable you to lead your flock the green pastures. For many years to come.

Good News

30 Mar

Good News for the Syriac People in Syria and Throughout the World: “Al Akhtal International Private University” Finally, the efforts of His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II became successful and we are glad to announce the authorization to open … Read More »

Good Samaritan Sunday Hymns

23 Mar

After Gospel Download pdf Hymn les-ṭo-yé nfal Qurobo Hymn Download pdf Hymn nfal ‘al o-dom Concluding Hymn Download pdf Hymn ṭo-bo da’-ṣab

Felicitations to our beloved Archbishop

21 Mar

Our dear Archbishop, Mor Dionysius John Kawak!  Congratulations on your seventh Anniversary as an Archbishop. We pray the Lord Almighty gives you wisdom and guidance to shepherd your parishioners with love and wisdom. May He give you strength and patience to cater all … Read More »

Patriarchal Encyclical

18 Mar

Following the conclusion of the meeting of Holy Synod which was presided over by His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, the following Patriarchal Encyclical was issued: