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Taqaat Surtaniya (Syriac Capabilities)

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This book was written by His Eminence Mor Severios Isaq Saka, Metropolitan and Professor of Theological Studies in the Clerical Seminary of Mosul, Iraq. He talks about the Syriac Language and its importance among other languages. He gives a good information about the times it was used, and places where it flourished. The book mentions the important writers of every era, who used the language efficiently, and explained the great works they accomplished, which enriched the Syriac culture with valuable volumes about the Syriac’s religious, cultural and social history in different eras; from the beginning of Christianity till the First World War.
He divided the book into four eras:
Beginning of Christianity till the mid 8th century.
Mid 8th Century till the end of the 13th century.
End of the 13th century till the First World War.
From 1914 till1997.

He discussed also the Arabs and Christianity, and the Arabs and Syriac relationships throughout the ages. It is an interesting book that throws light on our history in the Middle East.

This book is in Arabic
Soft cover


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