Ceremonial Communion at Virgin Mary Church in Paramus

1 May

On April 30, 2017, His Eminence Mor Dionysius John Kawak celebrated the Holy Liturgy (Qurobo) at Virgin Mary church, Paramus, NJ. His was assisted by Very Rev. Andrew Bahhi, the Pastor of the Church, and Very Rev. Augeen Khouri.

The occasion was a ceremonial communion for the Sunday School students of the parish. Twenty-two students received the Holy Communion after they went through a course in Catechism for two months, in which they learnt about the Seven Sacraments of the Syriac Orthodox Church and Her faith. buy levaquin over the counter

In his sermon, His Eminence stressed on the importance of the parents’ and the Sunday School’s roles in bringing up faithful generations for the Church. then he asked questions about the Holy Communion, which the students answered skillfully, and which made them feel at ease from the serene occasion. He thanked the Sunday School teachers for a job well done and blessed the students and their parents. buy nexium over the counter
A delicious brunch, prepared by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Church, was served for all the congregation. buy Lasix over the counter