Beth Mardutho Students at the Mor Aphrem Center

10 Aug

On Friday, August 8th, Malphono George Kiraz brought his students from his Syriac Language summer courses to the Mor Aphrem Center to experience the Syriac Orthodox Church holy Qurobo. Students come from diverse backgrounds including Turkey, Europe and the US. Very Rev. Father Joseph Chamoun celebrated the holy qurobo. In his sermon, Fr. Joseph welcomed malphono George Kiraz and Beth Mardutho students. Two of the students read the lectionary readings in Syriac and all participated in singing the Qatuliqi hymn and other prayers in Syriac. The ladies auxiliary of Mor Aphrem Center prepared a lunch for all the students and attendees.  Following lunch, Dayroyo Saliba Kassis gave a lecture on the Syriac monastic tradition including contemporary challenges facing monastics today. Students expressed their thankfulness for the warm welcome they received. The students also visited the exhibit of manuscripts and other artifacts at the Mor Aphrem Center. Beth Mardutho runs Syriac language courses every summer.  For more information visit

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