Shamoshe Retreat 2016 at Mor Aphrem Center

25 Aug


By the Grace of God, young deacons (shamoshe) from all over the diocese gathered at Mor Aphrem Center to spend time in prayer, liturgy training and growing together in the love of the Lord during a special retreat focused on the continued education of our young shamoshe.

The Second Annual Shamoshe Retreat was hosted under the auspices of His Eminence John Kawak, and hosted at the Mor Aphrem Center from August 22-25. Training included:

– Services of the Holy Virgin Mary, Saints, Departed, Cross, and Priests;

– Morning and Evening Prayers;

– Beth Gazo;

– Qurobo Explaination and History; and

– Syriac language classes.

38 Shamoshe were in attendance from ages 11-20.

From St. Mark Church (Teaneck): Andrew Fermano, Christopher Issa, Christopher Karim, Daniel Chamoun, Dominic Mourad, George Denho, Ibrahim Malki, Jack Sauma, James Daligawer, Jason Issa, John Hanna, John Kallah, Saher Saeed and Thomas Issa.

From St. Gabriel (Haworth): Brandon Sanar, Christopher Kaplan, Christopher Shabo, David Akyon, Elias Bekdas, Emanuel Akyon, Gabriel Erik, John Paul Bekdas, Jonathan Sayilik, Lahdo Akbulut, Sam Hanikeh and Thomas Akyon.

From Virgin Mary Church (Paramus): Johnathan Akdemir and Peter Akdemir.

From St. Mary Church (Worcester): Emmanuel Bastug, Gabriel Bastug, George Chyoghly, Joseph Bastug and Zeki Bastug.

From St. Matthew Church (Boston): Jacob Chammas, Joseph Bahhady, Joseph Maloyan, Matthew Chammas and Nicholas Totonchy.

The attending Shamoshe were organized into two group, with the first level focused on Holy Qurobo practice, and the second level focused on the Service of Holy Baptism.

The retreat began with a workshop by His Eminece on the Importance of Shamoshe and their role in the Church. On Thursday at the conclusion of the retreat, with the attendance of His Eminence, the clergy and shamoshe Very Rev. Father Joseph Chamoun celebrated Holy Qurobo in St. Aphrem chapel. Following Holy Qurobo the Shamoshe were invited to a last meal together before departing to their respective states.

A special thank you to our clergy: His Eminence Archbishop John Kawak, Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Chamoun (Pastor of St. Mark in Teaneck, NJ), Very Rev. Fr. Maroutha Hanna (Pastor of St. Mary in Worcester, MA), Very Rev. Fr. Andrew Bahhi (Pastor of St. Aphraim in Washington, D.C.), Very Rev. Fr. Saliba  Kassis (Pastor of St. John in Atlanta, GA and St. James of Nusibin in Corpus Christi, TX), Rev. Fr. Eli Shabo (Pastor of St. John Bar Aphtonia), Rev. Fr. Alan Shaltan (Pastor of St. Ephraim in Central Falls, RI) and Shamosho Aphdiaqno Joseph Chammas (St. Maek Church, Teaneck).