Sponsoring the Archdiocese

Our archdiocese needs your assistance in order to continue running various programs at the Mor Aphrem Center (MAC).  Please support by either volunteering your time and/or making monetary contributions that will help to continue these programs and fund them.

The space, materials, knowledge, and expertise needed for the activities outlined below, require both time and funding.

Please consider helping our church. The syriac community needs you.

Please sign up to contribute either by making monthly installments or a one-time donation to help cover the MAC’s monthly expenses. The annual operating expenses for the MAC are approximately $449,300, in addition to an outstanding bank loan of $1,765,000.

Overview of the Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church

Programs and Activities

Daily prayers and worship – morning and evening prayers held daily in addition to a holy liturgy celebrated every Friday.

Bible study – English and Arabic Bible Study sessions for youth, ladies, and adults are conducted almost every day of the week.

Syriac language classes – two levels of classes offered on Mondays.

Deacon’s training – one class on Mondays for the junior youth.

Retreats – these are available for ladies, junior youth, senior youth, and families.

Educational programs – the Educational Programs Committee is continually working on programs for our youth and faithful.

Sunday School Curriculum – We currently have a curriculum for K – 6 grade and the Educational Programs Committee is finalizing a curriculum for the youth.

Meetings – rooms are utilized for various meetings by the Archdiocese and parishes.

Youth Director – youth director develops and implements youth programs at the Archdiocese and parish levels.

Junior Youth Suryoyo Summer Camp – seven weeks of camp for youth ages 13 to 16.

Suryoyo Community Hall – sports, activities, gatherings, and social events for the youth and adults, alike.

Your generosity will greatly help in continuing these programs. It will also provide you the opportunity to be a stakeholder and truly participate in the building of a bright future for our church and community. May God shower His abundant blessings upon you and grant peace and mercy to the souls of your departed loved ones.