Sixth General Sunday Hymns

19 Oct

After Gospel Hymn Download pdf Hymn kul-dash-qal Qurobo Hymn Download pdf Hymn ho-dbi-%e1%b8%a5u Concluding Hymn Download pdf Hymn %e1%b8%a5lof-naf-sho-tho  

Fifth General Sunday Hymns

12 Oct

After Gospel Hymn Download pdf Hymn la-lo-ho-dab-ad-i-deh Qurobo Hymn Download pdf Hymn mo-fee-wash-bi%e1%b8%a5 Concluding Hymn Download Hymn ho-%e1%b9%a3oy-tin

His Eminence Kawak Attends The SCOOCH Meeting

7 Oct

On October 7, 2016 His Eminence Mor Dionysius John Kawak accompanied by Very Rev. Father Joseph Chamoun attended the meeting of SCOOCH (Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches) held at the St. Nerses Armenian Orthodox Seminary in Armonk, New York.

Fourth General Sunday Hymns

7 Oct

After Gospel Hymn Download pdf Hymn lmi-no-ab-dan Qurobo Hymn Download pdf Hymn b%e1%b9%a3ayb-yon-%e1%b8%a5o-%e1%b9%ade-no Concluding Hymn Download pdf Hymn mo-dzo-qo  

Third General Sunday Hymns

29 Sep

After Gospel Hymn Download pdf Hymn bkhul-zban Qurobo Hymn Download pdf Hymn btaro-di-lokh concluding Hymn Download pdf Hymn lokh-mor-qo-re-nan