Easter Visit to His Eminence by the Youth

28 Apr

On Wednesday, April 27th, 2022, His Eminence Mor Dionysius John Kawak received the Clergy of the Local Churches in New Jersey, along with their Youth for an Easter visit. His Eminence was very happy to receive all the youth as one Suryoyo family. He first asked each Youth President to stand and give an update for their upcoming events and encouraged them to always stay unified together. The Youth was given an idea about the SYG-USA by His Eminence which will be hosted in New Jersey this summer and he invited all of them to attend and welcomed our brothers from the Western Archdiocese.He explained to the youth about the true meaning of Easter and about how important it is to apply it in our daily lives for our salvation. He also encouraged them to be proud of being Suryoyo and to start speaking certain words in their daily language.The Clergy as well spoke to the youth and encouraged them to always come to church and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. The floor was then open to the Youth for questions and concerns to facilitate or improve by getting the youth involved and attend the Holy Liturgy every Sunday.The visit was then concluded by His Eminence blessing and thanking the Youth for coming.